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About Us

We are a wholly owned private company established in 1954 and since then we have substantially grown to provide services from coast to coast. Our company is built on a foundation of strong values and principles, and a culture devoted to excellence in customer service.

A truly independent broker is one that works for the best interest of its customers. M. Edward Powell Insurance Brokers Ltd. is free of equity relationships with any insurance company or firm. We work for our clients, not an insurance company. We choose to represent financially stable, quality driven, insurance companies that have an excellent track record for settling claims promptly and equitably. We take the time to analyze your particular needs, and in turn provide objective, knowledgeable advice and specialized supportive services.

M. Edward Powell Insurance Brokers Ltd. management’s philosophy is based on responsibility and a high level of mutual respect. Employees who come to M. Edward Powell Insurance Brokers Ltd. want to work here because we have created an environment that encourages creativity, achievement and innovation with an emphasis on advocating for our clients.

Whether a complex commercial account, a tailor made package for your personal home or auto or a comprehensive financial plan our experienced, professional staff will provide the information and options you require.