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Group Life and LTD


Group Life Insurance helps provide coverage for plan members and their families against the loss of income in the event of a plan member's death. It allows plan members to know their loved ones are financially protected.

Group life insurance benefits usually include: Employee basic coverage and optional coverage as well as Dependent basic and optional life coverage. Employee basic and optional life coverage provides financial assistance to the designated beneficiary, payable upon the plan member's death.


When employees are unable to work for a prolonged period of time due to a severe illness or injury, a disability program can help respond to that need. A long term disability program provides income replacement, case management, rehabilitation services and the integration of benefit offsets from other income sources for longer absences.

A vital part of a benefits program is that it helps disabled employees to maintain their standard of living while coping and recovering from a serious injury or illness.

In conjunction with your group benefits program, we will analyze and implement benefits solutions that will meet your needs and budget. With access to all group insurance carriers, we will find the best plan for you and your employees.